The Most Sensitive Snowflake of Them All

Hey conservatives, aren’t you supposed to be in favor of strong leaders who will represent and protect the United States? Leaders who will show solid and firm leadership and clear vision?

You blew it. You have elected a thin-skinned entitled weakling. The most sensitive snowflake of them all.

Today is Day Six, and he is still focused on obsessed with how many people attended the inauguration and how many people voted for him (or woulda shoulda).

This president, elected by a minority, is not a strong leader. He attempts to speak with authority, but can only produce a weak mimicry. His insecurity and thin skin thwart him at every turn. Public opinion buffets him about without any semblance of self-control on his part.

black and white photo of snowflakeWould a strong, confident leader be obsessing over the vote counts of an election he won?

And then there are his responses to television shows. Saturday Night Live has satirized every president since Gerald Ford. It goes with the territory. But no president until now has panicked and started hurling insults. All of his predecessors–Republicans and Democrats–knew better than he how to be strong leaders.

Your minority-elected president lost it again when a respected actress praised the press and criticized him when accepting an award. She didn’t even say his name, which must have burned him a little extra. Maybe you think her speech was ridiculous or out of line. Maybe you don’t think actors and other creative artists shouldn’t speak out politically. But aren’t you wincing just a little bit that he brought so much attention to his own ridiculous sensitivity to criticism? Not to mention that her speech against him got much more airtime as a result of his protests?

Sensitive Snowflake

It’s pretty funny. Look up the current definition of the term snowflake. Here’s a definition from the Urban Dictionary.

An overly sensitive person, incapable of dealing with any opinions that differ from their own. These people can often be seen congregating in “safe zones” on college campuses.

No, he’s not in college, but wouldn’t the minority-elected president love a “safe zone”? One where he wouldn’t have to be confronted by those pesky facts and people who don’t think he is the most wonderful person in the world? He’s used to being able to create a safe zone with his money.* It must be a shock to be on a stage so big that even his money can’t buy enough yes-men. Although he made a transparent attempt at it by bringing his own claque to a serious public meeting.

Doesn’t he, like, have a country to run? But let’s face it. He can’t. He is a loser. He can’t concentrate on anything but his image. He can be bought by anyone willing to suck up and he has betrayed your trust.

More than sad. Tragic.


*Please note that I don’t use the term “snowflake” as an epithet against millennials or liberals of any age. Sensitivity in itself does not equate to weakness.

Addendum 1/27/17: I am learning about the history of the word “snowflake” and it is possible that it has an older and very loathsome usage. I’m not going to define it here. There is some debate on the subject. That is not the meaning I am evoking and I wrote this piece without knowing about it. I am open to removing the piece or rewriting using different terminology. Please contact me via social media if you’d like to discuss this.

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